Lushtones – Light of Mind

This band is nothing to sleep on!

Alternative rock (also called alternative music, altrock or simply alternative) is a style of rock music that emerged from the independent music underground of the 1980s and became widely popular in the 1990s.

Lushtones are a unique 2 member band that features various vocalists on different tracks. They are more Instrumental but can write various lyrics for the instrumentals they construct. Both band members are from SoCal, La Habra, California. California is the highlight of anyone’s music career and offers many opportunities for upcoming artist. 

Lushtones have recently released their new single and I have to tell you, they have some pretty cool beats. I have been a fan of Pop Rock and Soft Rock for years and Alternative Rock is a new genre for me, but certainly not the last. They put me in the mindset of Soft Rock with a Flare. Light Of Mind, their most recent song, features vocals in the futuristic scene, interchanging within the beat giving it a smooth finish throughout the song. I enjoyed listening to it. So if you haven’t heard then you are missing out! This band is nothing to sleep on! Take a listen to their latest here.

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LaToria Bolden
the authorLaToria Bolden
LaToria Bolden is a mother of 2 lovely daughters living out of Arlington, TX, who has always had a love for music. She is an advance Virtual Assistant and DIY PR specialist who enjoys branding others to their full potential and educating young women on being small business owners for themselves. LaToria is a passionate writer and comes from a very creative family and loves to display her ART in her blog and Social Media outlets. If she is not crafting her blog, She is teaching herself to sew, and living life with her loving family.

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  • Your description of “soft rock with a flare” is spot on. Sometimes I feel music labeled as “soft rock” leans more on the folk end of the spectrum as opposed to being true rock music. However, I feel this band tastefully showcases elements of electronic and alt-rock music that amount to an interesting listen. Enjoyed the review/song!

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