Sarah Banker – Lately

Her latest EP "Lately" is a mellow melody performed to perfection and singing you to a peaceful sleep.

Acoustic melodies of the guitar with contemporary vibes best describe Sarah Banker, an Arizona native who recently moved to Colorado. Her sound is unique and captivating. She brings all of her within her music and her latest EP tells it all.

Her latest EP “Lately” is a mellow melody performed to perfection and singing you to a peaceful sleep.

Lately oh lately I’ve been alone no warmth in my bed No calls on my phone Well I’m left here in the dark. I’ve lost my light I miss my spark and I wonder… Where you’ve been where you go. Why you’ve gone for so long.

Very close to heart and meaningful. I love the meandering guitar and the way her melodies flow between each song is amazing! I am open to all genres of music, Acoustic Folk is one I never really just thought about but Sarah Banker has me thinking.

She has a couple of other singles, You, Lie to Me (My number one pick), On The Trail, and Ghost. Listen to the EP in its entirety on Spotify.

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Sarah will be in Nederland, Colorado on Dec 1.

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