Fell Runner – Dog Inside a Car evokes curiosity from stop-start rhythms, oriental scales and bizarre, yet brilliant lyrics

"Dog Inside a Car" is compelling, unconventional and impressive.

Fell Runner - Dog Inside A Car

Fell Runner are entrepreneurs fusing together a huge variety of world influences to create a track that expels a multi-coloured sonic landscape. ‘Dog Inside a Car’ is compelling, unconventional and impressive. The L.A based four-piece sculpt guitar rock into unique vibrancy, influenced from their studies of West African music with Ghanaian drum master, Alfred Ledzekpo.

As the second single from their upcoming album, ‘Talking’; ‘Dog Inside a Car’ evokes curiosity from stop-start rhythms, oriental scales and bizarre, yet brilliant lyrics. The track pushes and pulls like a fairground pendulum ride, never quite knowing which way it’ll swing, but with each movement more thrilling than the last. The bright guitar launches you in one direction, only to have the captivating rhythm section drag you right back. It is bold and intriguing, with unexpected twists and turns that are refreshingly original.

The contrast between glittering guitar and smooth vocals provide a psychedelic utopia for those unparalleled lyrics to weave between. As Fell Runner mainly revolve their compositions around themes of frustrated communication, failed language, and dealing with one’s own shortcomings, it is no surprise that ‘Dog Inside a Car’ explores not only the obvious barrier between man-made objects and lovable canines, but also implies that ignorance truly is bliss.

Fell Runner

Forming from a small stream of sparkling guitar and leading out to a kaleidoscopic ocean ending, ‘Dog Inside a Car’ is a globally-influenced wonder. Listen to the track now on Fell Runner’s Spotify, then head to Instagram to follow their page and be ready for the album.

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