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For fans of: Melanie Faye, Blondie, Sky Ferreira, Paramore

MBG Have A Alright Day

Forget bedroom pop… this is bedroom rock. Alternative artist Leena, under the moniker MBG, is a multi-instrumentalist who writes, records, performs, produces and mixes her music completely by herself, in her bedroom. Based in Ontario Canada, MBG has a universal sound, classified as an alternative rock solo project but weaving between genres of rock, blues, folk and jazz.

Amongst dodging genre constraints and being a one-woman rock band, last month MBG released her debut album: ‘Have a Alright Day’. The four-track EP bridges genres, showcasing Leena’s skills in production and talent for music, self-playing all the instruments in the songs. Punchy and poignant, listeners would not realise Leena is new to song-writing.

The EP’s opener: ‘What You’ve Done to Me’ is a right head-banger, ultimately positioning itself as an unmissable song to see live. The electric guitar takes centre stage in true alternative fashion- powerful chords and jaunty slides present throughout the track. The repeated line ‘look what you’ve done to me’ and all of Leena’s vocal inflictions are guaranteed to get stuck in your head, as well as stuck on repeat on your Spotify. ‘What You’ve Done to Me’ is a wonderful accompaniment to the EP’s second track and lead single ‘Make My Day’. Opening with the feedback from an electric guitar and progressing to heavy chords, ‘Make My Day’ is reminiscent of earlier-Paramore in both message and sound. Pairing of strong female vocals and rock-star guitar showcases the unapologetic feel present in the song – “what you need from me… nothing more than just a tease”, as well as its music video. The music video, simple camera positioning with multiple frames, shows MBG diving around playing all of the instruments in the song and rocking out. Viewers get the sense Leena is whole-heartedly enjoying herself, which reflects in her music.

The second half of the EP takes a more relaxed, romantic feel. Track 3, ‘Unfinished Love Song’, is exactly what is says on the tin. Depth in the layers of instrumentation and punchy percussion are different to the previous songs’ guitar-led sonics. The almost church-y organ and scaling guitar gives the track more of a blues-y, soul kind of feel, presenting itself as more of a lamenting love song than an appreciation: – ‘Am I a fool for love?’. ‘Unfinished Love Song’ also complements the final track of the EP, charming ‘Brick by Brick’. Simple, melodic guitar makes it a song to sway to and creates an autumnal, stripped-back feel. MBG’s mellow vocals seal the song’s deal as a pleasantly unabashed love song, with plenty of passion.

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Overall, the EP ticks many boxes, and seeing an independent woman in music thriving is incredibly empowering. MBG has definite possibility to inspire young musicians (especially women) everywhere.

‘Have a Alright Day’, including lead single ‘Make My Day’ is available on all major streaming platforms now.


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