PREMIERE: James Harriman – Snakes and Ladders

An exciting, colourful blend of some of the greatest musical elements from the last few decades.

James Harriman – Snakes and Ladders

If you’re looking for something entirely original that was inspired by a huge variety of genres, then James Harriman’s third single ’Snakes and Ladders’ is a track for you. Premiering on For The Love Of Bands before the official release tomorrow, Harriman has not only given us (and you!) early access to the audio of the song, but also the chance to watch the accompanying music video. The talented singer-songwriter has a brilliant live band behind him, and despite only having released almost three singles, has already toured the UK and become a 2018 festival favourite.

James Harriman – Snakes and Ladders

‘Snakes and Ladders’ itself is an incredibly uplifting, cheerful tune, with negative lyrical connotations surrounding depression, anxiety and feeling alone. Who doesn’t love a good musical juxtaposition? The video focuses on the music, but with little amusing details that allow the band to reveal brief glimpses into their spirited onstage personality. James, and I’m sure the entire band, have a reputation for high energy live shows; so although this track touches on melancholic themes, it’s certainly one you’ll be itching to sing along to.  With surf-rock guitar, an 80s analogue drum machine and Britpop-inspired vocals, ‘Snakes and Ladders’ has proven to be an exciting, colourful blend of some of the greatest musical elements from the last few decades.

Watch and listen James Harriman – Snakes And Ladders exclusively on YouTube below:

Hopefully, (like me) you’re already into the song from the first couple of seconds. However, if the contrast of the disco-esque intro, nostalgic surf riff, and retro double-tracked verse hasn’t won you over just yet, then allow yourself to fall into the chorus with ease and be awoken by a playfully clever second verse.

James Harriman – Snakes and Ladders

’Snakes and Ladders’ is a track that evokes blissful memories and joy from its wonderfully lively amalgamation of iconic influences. From 90s Britpop to Contemporary Folk-Rock, James Harriman has curated a unique multi-dimensional sound, only comparable to that of an imaginary band consisting of Frank Turner, Mac Demarco and perhaps a couple Beach Boys.

If that sounds like something you’d be into, then make sure to listen to the rest of James’ discography and follow his socials now, ready for the official release of ‘Snakes and Ladders’ tomorrow:


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