Lee Smythe – We Should Go

Lee Smythe - We Should Go

Remember that one friend that would show you some really amazing obscure artist? But they could never exactly explain how they found them or who they were? And you liked the music. You liked the music a lot. Although you wouldn’t know who they were until years down the road on the radio you hear that SAME artist! And you try to tell people that you listened to them before they were famous but nobody believes you. Well, here is your chance to be that friend. Here is your chance to listen to that one Indie rock artist and tell everybody before he gets famous.

Lee Smythe is someone probably like you or I, small-town Los Angeles raised musician with humble roots. Although, for one reason or another, it seems he hasn’t been influenced heavily by many of your typical Indie rock artist who have come out of Los Angeles. And for the people that love a more subtle approach to music, that’s a good thing.

With the new track, “We Should Go” you get an instant feeling that Lee Smythe goes for the straightforward songwriting approach. There are no sudden breakdowns in the song. No chanting chorus. No “in your face” drum beats. It’s a nice swelling sound that builds tension. And one may be thinking, who cares? Well, in a world where most artists have an affordable DAW at their fingertips. And anyone can download a thousand VSTs at any moment and feel the need to use all of those in one song, “We Should Go” sticks to that signature subtly that so perfectly personifies Lee Smythe. And that’s what makes it so enjoyable.

Even the lyrics bring a tasteful reminder that “We Should Go” is not an annoying indie rock ripoff. The lyrics are not some sappy teen girl mood swing poetry-slam. No. The lyrics fit the song. And that’s a big deal, considering that a lot of artists feel it’s necessary to write with no beat or structure. But that’s none of my business. The lyrics, “Cuz I would like to hold your hand as we get on in age” just hit you in the feels, and it works so perfectly with the entire overture of the song. The vocals on the track are spot on. They carry the entire emotion of the songwriting. The lyrics could not be anymore complemented by the vocals you hear, they’re perfect.

Save yourself the trouble and brag to your friends that you found 2023s next big Indie artist. I’m calling it here first folks. Thank me later, it’s the least I could do. You can check out “We Should Go” off the latest EP titled “We Should Go” on Spotify.

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