How to make sure to hire the best DJ for your party

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There is a saying which goes like this, “You can’t have a party without music”. Playing good music which is relevant to an event is an art that only some DJ’s master. A good DJ reads the mood of the crowd and plays accordingly.

You should first decide the type of event for which you need the DJ. Is it a birthday party, a bachelors or a dance party because different events have different music requirements that DJ’s should understand. DJs can range from quiet and reserved to wacky and animated, so make sure what type of DJ do you need for your party. Here are some handy tips to guide you to hire the best DJ for your event:

1. Ask around: 

Always look for personal recommendations before choosing a DJ. You can also ask the DJ to give you the reference of 3 to 4 people whom you can talk and ask whether the event with the specific DJ went well or not. This can give you an idea about the past performances of the DJ.

2. Hire a pro

If you are looking for a DJ, ask the DJ about his qualification and training background. This would help you in finding the DJ with the best training.

3. Know the rates

If you are choosing a DJ, ask about his/her charges for your party and cross-check the price from other sources as well. This article on DJ hire prices will help you in your decision to finalize a DJ. In this way, you can check how the DJ is charging you.

4. Look for an Up to date DJ

When looking for DJ, check whether the DJ is up-to-date with current music trends and technology. You should also check the sound system of the DJ you are choosing. If the DJ performs well, but the sound system is not that good, then it could ruin your party so always go with the DJ who has a high-quality sound system. 

5. Know your purpose

It is also crucial for you to understand what exactly you want the DJ to accomplish. Is he expected to bring your guests on the dance floor or do you want him to play the music from the background? Be clear about your needs when you are choosing a DJ. 

6. Make an agreement

If you have finalized a particular DJ, make sure to have a written agreement with the DJ. The agreement would bound both parties to adhere to the contract clauses. Just make sure the contract lists all types of costs so that the DJ does not charge you any additional amount at the end of your party.

All these things should be taken into consideration when choosing a DJ. Remember a bad DJ can ruin your party while a good DJ would make your party memorable so always refer to this guide when choosing one. 


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  • Excellent points. I agree you should always get some recommendations and make sure the DJ is hip to the current trends.

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