Scott Hardware – Joy is an amalgamation of heady Jazz and 70’s dance at its heart

Scott Hardware - Joy

Scott Hardware, Canadian singer/songwriter/composer, brings us joy again on January 14, with the release of his latest single, Joy on Telephone Explosion Records. Joy is an amalgamation of heady Jazz and 70’s dance at its heart.  It’s mixed with a dose of the ethereal as Hardware has brought to the table in past releases such as 2016, Mutate Repeat Infinity.

Joy, the single, employs well-chosen keyboard tones and Jazz-esque stabbing piano chords for its foundation. Hardware is always aware of the moments of tension he brings to the track with its escalating and ascending chord structure only to release the listener on multiple occasions to enjoy the swaying of lush strings and keyboard pads; this track is packed with them.

Joy is adorned with glistening electric piano parts and Hardware’s interesting vocal delivery that borders on the breathy and laissez-faire. Hardware is a true lyricist too, often this listener backtracked to make sure he heard correctly, some prose like, “I make friends with everyone and then carry them around like a couple of extra pounds.” It’s Hardware’s little insights into life that make his lyricism charming and accessible, but his music is on its own level. It’s dance(y) and electronica, but it’s also intelligent composing and performance.

It’s almost like Bob Dylan wrote the lyrics for an ABBA song, but only for the art of it all. Bonus points for all the great chords in this track too.  Looking forward to the April release of Hardware’s album, Engel. Staying tuned!

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  • I heard this song on For the Love of Bands New Music Playlist and the first few seconds reminded me of Earth, Wind, and Fire which I LOVED.. then as I kept listening, so many other elements were involved that spanned from 70’s to 80’s, and jazz and rock and indie and everything in between! I love that Chris mentioned his lyrics. He was right when he said it was like Bob Dylan wrote lyrics for ABBA for the art of it all… because Hardware’s “Joy” was nothing short of art itself.

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