Linelions – We Are Safer is a true and honest account of the perils and pitfalls of being simultaneously in and out of love

Linelions aren’t just anticipating the next shift in the folk music paradigm, they are the next shift in the folk music paradigm.

linelions - we are safer

Have you ever encountered two things that by all logical comprehension shouldn’t fit together yet somehow they just manage to make it work? I’m talking about the “cheese and caramel popcorn” of the world. That “pineapple on pizza” kind of inspiration (shut up, you know it’s delicious). Sometimes the universe surprises you; like hearing horns in Folk music for example.

Now I’m a strong believer in the notion that there’s nothing better than to have your preconceptions about any person, place, or thing blown to pieces right before your very eyes. That’s how I felt my first time listening to linelions; as if everything I thought I knew was about to change. Their latest single ‘We Are Safer’ off of their forthcoming album II is a masterful example of two seemly opposing entities coming together to create something spectacular: horns and Folk. Listen to We Are Safer below and enjoy the album ll exclusively on For The Love Of Bands today!

A melancholic trumpet sounds over a muted finger-picked guitar as a beautiful love song slowly starts to build. It’s a tale of heartbreak and longing; of remembrance and acceptance. The melody is mournful yet still somehow redemptive. Most of all, ‘We Are Safer’ is a true and honest account of the perils and pitfalls of being simultaneously in and out of love. 

The tandem vocals of saxophonist Briana Wertalik and guitarist Mike Villata only works to accentuate this point further. It’s almost as if they’re trying to say that sometimes you can appear to be completely in sync, saying the exact same thing as the person you care about, yet everything beneath the surface remains irrevocably wrong and beyond repair. Their lyrics are poetic and resonate deeply, allowing linelions audience to see echoes of their own experiences hidden between the lines. ‘We Are Safer’ is grass-roots song writing at it’s finest; a kind of stripped-back folk cocktail with a ska-infused twist. Iinelions genre-bending musicianship, coupled with a deep understanding of the power of lyrical songwriting are what make them rise to the top. They’re not just anticipating the new paradigm, they are the new paradigm.

Listen to Linelions’ album “ll” exclusively on For The Love Of Bands today!


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