Say hello to 16 year old hip-hop artist – Shore

Shore - Danger

There’s a new hip-hop artist on the scene you probably haven’t heard of yet. He calls himself Shore, and the 16 year old beat maker from Annapolis, MD is ready to make his mark on the world.


Take Shore’s recent single “Danger”

The beat is like fijifirehotsauce good!! And the song doesn’t hold back lyrically either. Lines like “tryin to move outside a hood into a mansion” and “don’t tell me that you love me when you’re lyin” are just small glimpses into Shore’s world perspective. And as I listen to Danger, I love the depth of this kid. With sub-wolfers leading the way, Shore weaves complex melodic rhythms over catchy synth riffs, analog keys and organic hip-hop groves.

The music definitely inspires me the most, I always like to see how the beat make me feel and if I vibe wit it, it’s history after that


Recording primarily out of a closet he converted into a home studio, Shore’s catalog of compositions are growing at a rapid pace. And yes, the 16 year old does write all his own beats.

In fact, Shore has been dropping singles for about a year now. Cut’s like Lifestyle and No EVOL are a couple of his earlier musical offerings, while Danger is just the first of a six song youtube release called Saturdays by the Shore.

That’s right, for the next 6-weeks (May 23rd – June 27th), Shore will be dropping a new song every Saturday!! Check out Trust Issues feat. BLEEZY that just dropped last weekend!

  I have a family I’m apart Of Called “Shift” (@vashift on social media) and with that family I’ve met a lot of people and have a whole team behind me.

– shore

Shore is definitely one to keep your eye on. Look for him to make some waves in 2020. And don’t forget to catch Shore’s next release this Saturday on his youtube channel.


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