Monique Brumby’s talent bears fruit again with new single ‘Tom Deliver’

Monique Brumby

The opening bars to ‘Tom Deliver’ sound like a dirge, a funeral procession mourning the death of inspiration. The music and the vocal are slow and leaden like it’s an effort to even crawl out of bed. It’s a sensation familiar to every artist at some point in their creative life, and captured so well here. As the song progresses the words and music lift the artist Monique Brumby, and she finds inspiration all around her – the beauty of nature, the kindness of people, a favoured musician and most importantly, within herself.

Monique says “This was the first song I wrote after moving back to my spiritual home of Tasmania in 2018. I had been listening to Tom Petty’s album ‘Full Moon Fever’ on repeat and the song moves out of the doldrums and into a new world of giving and celebration. A peeling back of the layers to find that everything I needed I already had, and all the seeds I planted along the way were flowering and spreading and bearing fruit.” The song title is drawn from a plea to Tom Petty for inspiration, but as it unfolds her real muse is revealed to be within, and that is the song’s true power. 

The video accompanying the single release on 28 July is the collaborative effort of a group of incredibly talented women and fellow Tasmanian artists. Shot by awesome local filmmaker Rebecca Thomson with Sabio Evans (costume design) and Liz Goulding (hair and makeup artistry) over one day, aided by friends and Monique’s mum who was on popcorn duty. (I’m reliably informed the popcorn machine, with the unlikely name of Cornelius, did not survive the making of this video!)

Monique spoke about the video concept “We discussed me embracing grief in the song and lust and longing that can come out of a relationship ending and then reconnection through love and nurturing. Sabio plays these 3 characters in the clip.” Shot at the beautiful Peacock Theatre in the Salamanca Arts Centre, you can watch the video below:

Rebecca Thomson’s captivating kaleidoscope imagery really elevates the overall aesthetic of the video, giving it a trippy, quirky feel while still maintaining the underlying pathos of Monique’s journey.

A little bit about Monique…

Monique Brumby is an Australian singer-songwriter born and raised on the island state of Tasmania, Australia getting her start busking the streets of Hobart before moving to the mainland. She broke through with 2 ARIA Awards for ‘Best New Artist’ 1996 and ‘Best Female Artist’ 1997. In 1998 Monique was nominated for ARIA ‘Song Of The Year’ for her epic ballad ‘The Change In Me’ from her debut Thylacine album

Six albums and 3 EP releases mark her 25 year career to date. Monique has been successful as a commercial artist with top 40 hits in Australia and multiple record and publishing deals. She has collaborated and co-written songs with many artists including Paul Kelly for a song titled ‘Melting’ released on his 1998 ‘Words and Music’ album. Her songs have featured in film and television productions including feature films; Occasional Coarse Language, Diana & Me and television productions; Home & Away, Heartbreak High and Secret Life of Us.

Monique made her first forays into music production in 2007 and has long been involved in mentoring and supporting emerging artists. Since relocating back to Tasmania in 2018, Monique has continued her passion for working as a teacher, mentor and role model to young artists in her local community. She strives to encourage people from marginalized backgrounds to pursue their artistic dreams. You can read more about Monique’s inspiring work as a mentor and producer on her website.

What’s happening now and next…

Her forthcoming 7th album is titled ‘Closer To The Truth’ and 4 singles have been released already in 2020 including ‘Tom Deliver’ as the latest offering. No date for the album release as yet with Monique’s focus currently on a collaboration with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra to feature songs from across her career.
You can view the interview here.

‘Tom Deliver’ was recorded at Monique’s Thylacine House Studio, Hobart. She plays guitars, sings vocals and engineers drum programming with long time collaborator and friend, Maryanne Window on bass. Monique also mixed and produced the track…did I mention what a diverse and talented woman she is?

The song concludes with a sense of joy that all around Monique and within her has lifted her up, from the sea and the ‘pretty fish’, to the seeds of her talent planted long ago that have blossomed and grown, and it seems…Tom (and Monique) really do deliver.

Listen to ‘Tom Deliver’ and Monique’s catalogue on SpotifybandcampiTunes and view the video on YouTube or her website



Single: Written, recorded, mixed and produced by Monique Brumby. Musicians : Maryann Window, Monique Brumby.

Video: Producer: Rebecca Thomson, Sabio Evans –  costume design. Liz Goulding – hair and makeup artistry, Rich Turner – colour grading.

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