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Moody indie rock band Crime Spree in Candyland to release new single Fatalism on August 28th

LA-based dreamy indie rock band Crime Spree in Candyland are set to release their new single, ‘Fatalism’, on August 28th 2020. With a string of small releases garnering Spotify playlist placements and a local buzz, C.S.I.C. are gearing up for the debut of their new EP, out this fall.

The band has stated that the song conveys the feeling of coming to terms with acceptance. That you may not know what’s next, but to do your best to set things right. With a contemplative verse and an energized chorus this song takes you on a journey similar to a dream.

Los Angeles based Crime Spree in Candyland aka C.S.I.C. is an enigmatic mix of darker feel good music. In an expert attempt to recapture the feelings leftover from dreams, Crime Spree slips existential musings under delicious bass-driven rhythms that will leave you singing along far after their songs end. Drawing inspiration from bands like Glass Animals, Bloc Party and No Knife, Crime Spree create fresh and instantly nostalgic anthems with their take on moody, indie rock. Their new single Fatalism drops August 28th on all streaming services.

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