Music to Commute To: How to Create a Perfect Playlist for Commuting

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People cover vast distances every day, to school, to work, to the gym, and the circle is complete when we get home in the evening. It is a pretty tiring process. It doesn’t matter if you are the one how does all the driving or you take the bus. Since we go through this every day, it usually becomes tedious, stressful, and tiring. 

One of the things people do to pass the time is listening to a radio. It’s not the perfect solution since all of us have a completely different music taste. A lot of time can pass before we can hear the song that can spark some emotions and make our day much better. Since we are living in a time when integration between the Bluetooth and smartphones is an option, this puts this issue to rest. 

Thankfully, you can create your playlists by using apps like Spotify and Deezer easily. Visit Lease Fetcher, and take a look at some of the most popular songs you can include. So, the solution to all the problems during traveling is to have your playlists.

Why Is This Beneficial?

Music to commute to

According to a study conducted at McGill University, it can be seen that hormone responsible for responses to pain and pleasure, dopamine, has its levels 9% higher when a person listens to a song it likes. At the same time, a study done by Brunel University showed that music could enhance endurance by 15% and decrease perceived effort by 12%. 

With that said, here are some tips that can help you with creating a perfect playlist for commuting.

1. Versatility is Important

The critical element to the well-compiled playlist is diversity, in terms of artists and genres included. Having this versatility will provide you with much more enjoyable than having a playlist that has songs done only by one artist. Also, the change between genres will keep you entertained and engaged throughout the whole time you are traveling.

2. Include Songs You Adore

Some people consider the process of creating a playlist an art. We cannot but agree with this claim. Not all people have the ability to know what to use to improve their mood. According to various statistics available on the internet, we can see that the average iTunes user has countless tracks on its device. The question is, how many of these are adored by the user? Inevitably, a lot of them. So, create a playlist that will make your every drive so much fun.

3. Make a Long Playlist

Probably the best thing about creating a playlist is that all of them are customizable. This makes a perfect opportunity for you to compile a playlist that will provide you with complete enjoyment. Based on the length of your commute, you should create a playlist that will fill all the time you will spend in your car or bus. The chances of you having to encounter negative emotions during these trips will be reduced to a bare minimum.

4. Shuffling

To prevent yourself from getting tired of your playlist, you should click on a shuffle button. Just imagine yourself listening to the same songs in the same order. Over time, you will get annoyed by the vast majority of songs. Therefore, if you want to prevent getting bored, due to the predictability of the list, you should shuffle your playlist from time to time. The element of surprise will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in you staying entertained and engaged even after you’ve listened to it for quite a lot of time.

5. Have Multiple Playlists

music to commute to
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It would be wrong to have only one playlist for every period of the day and all events. For example, you will surely not enjoy listening to the songs you listen to in the morning, on a Friday evening. What’s the solution in this case? You should create a couple of playlists that will provide you with enough entertainment for a lot of different situations, periods, and events.

In Conclusion

As soon as you get into your car, you can be in your world, where you don’t have to encounter all the negativity in the world. This makes it a perfect opportunity to listen to songs you love, and by doing that, improve your mood. So, don’t waste any time, go, and create your playlists now.


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