Indie Folk Playlist May 2020 | Indie – Folk – Pop Spring Compilation 2020

Need to wind down during these crazy times? Your Indie/Folk/Pop Spring soundtrack has arrived! The Indie Folk Playlist May 2020 is now available on YouTube and Spotify.

Click play below to hear the best Indie Folk playlist of May 2020. Discover new upcoming and emerging Indie artists and bands. This Indie Folk Spring playlist offers the best chill Indie Folk, Indie and Indie Pop recently released. Make sure to subscribe and check our profile for more fresh new music compilations.

Listen to the Indie Folk Playlist May 2020 on Spotify here.

The Indie/Folk/Pop May 2020 Compilation on YouTube

Tracklist of the Indie Folk playlist May 2020

1. Sebastien Lacombe – Gold in Your Soul

2. Abigail Lapell – Down By The Water

3. Alex Gibson – Feel Something

4. Sonny Elliot – New Moon

5. Louvard – I Loved You For That

6. Lisa Heller – Pulling Away

7. Glenn Thomas – All You Can Do

8. David Burchfield – You’re OK, It’s Alright

9. Jordan Paul – Strange

10. Mike McKenna Jr – The Town

11. Jacko Hooper – You Don’t Understand

12. Rosa Tu – The Swamp

13. Caroline Culver – Honest

14. Low Key Crush – When You Were Leaving

15. Nick Byrne – Houses

16. Femke – I See You

17. Brooks Dixon – Not In This Alone

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