How to Choose the Right Harmonica

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The harmonica is an extremely versatile instrument that can be found across an array of different music genres. From blues, jazz, folk, and even rock music, the sprightly little instrument not only adds a beautiful sound but a touch of flare. Many artists are particularly drawn to this instrument for its ability to play a range of different pitches all in one compact little instrument. But what makes the harmonica so desirable is that it is easy to learn, allowing anyone to pick up the harmonica regardless of their level in music.  

However, since this instrument has gained quite the popularity amongst music artists, there have been many different varieties and types of harmonicas developed in order to meet the musical needs and performance desired for everyone. With this many different selections available, it can make it much more difficult to find the perfect harmonica for beginners.  

When looking for the right harmonica, there are a few different things to consider. These include price, brand, key, ease of use, and maintenance that will be required over time. These will all vary depending on the type of harmonica and the maker of the harmonica. While some harmonicas are great for beginners, others require much more advanced maintenance work and complex playing skills.  

The harmonica is a great way to get into music if you are completely new to instruments, but also a great addition to any musical collection if you do already have experience with instruments. Besides being enjoyable to play, it can also boost confidence, reduce stress, and promote overall health.  

If you are a new player looking to pick up the right harmonica, consider what type of music you are looking to play and the sound you are hoping to achieve with your new instrument.  Whether it be Diatonic, Chromatic, and even Tremolo, there is a right harmonica for everyone looking to play. 

Annie Franklen (guest author)
Annie has always been a musical performing since a young age. As that passion grew so did her musical abilities. From piano to guitar, even harmonica Annie has always had a drive to create beautiful sounds with the tools around her. Now, Annie works as a musical performer and teacher as well as a write for the blog BestHarmonica.com.

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