Stuck In A Moment by Sean Christopher is an infectious pairing of soulful groove and pop songwriting

Sean Christopher - Stuck In A Moment

Well-streamed, Netherlands’ singer-songwriter, Sean Christopher released his latest single on January 22 to an audience hungry for getting the 2021 music scene off to a great start. Christopher’s release of single, Stuck In A Moment is an infectious pairing of soulful groove and pop songwriting.

The single shuffles along the beam of the nonchalant and lackadaisical while sinking its claws deep within your inner-most ability to fall in love with catchy tunes.  Simplistic, feel-good, song-crafting is what’s at play here. This song is where you might perfect your “slow mosey” and/or finger-snapping in the produce aisle, or while working on something creative yourself.

Christopher whittles a memorable chorus out of non-sensical sounds that will be tough to shake from your memory or any of your playlists. Stuck In A Moment is an uplifting track, as if it matters, you really had no chance.  Its rolling chord structure, hollowness and Fab 4 demeanour will have your mood enhanced from its onset.

Sean Christopher

The single, meant to be in response to a rough year for planet earth, possesses champion lyricism; the message is clear and it’s a good one. A welcomed kick off to the upcoming year’s artistic offerings and are we looking forward to them.  Acoustic by nature, the single also employs some neat piano chords here and there and a really cool, hollow sounding guitar hook near the end that lands Stuck In A Moment in a 70s, soulful, R&B flavor profile.

Christopher’s latest single deserves what it came for, to be categorized with the heavy-hitters of songwriting that just won’t subside, Don’t Worry Be Happy, Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da, Bubble Toes, that sort of ubiquitous, staying power. Saunter on over to Sean Christopher’s streaming sites and have a listen for yourself.

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  • You have an elegant and captivating writing style, using phrases such as “whittles a memorable chorus” and “nonchalant and lackadaisical”. This makes your review an utter pleasure to read!

  • Thanks for introducing me to Sean’s music. Great tune, and a perfect description 🙂

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