Blues Look The Same by Eve Adams: a picture-perfect slice of reflective, soothing folk

Eve Adams - Blues Look the Same

This tender track from Los Angeles artist Eve Adams enthrals and soothes from its first note to its last. Perfectly panned slide guitars echo around Adams’ entrancing vocals, a mixture of timeless clarity and country-soaked twang. Twinkling guitar flourishes dance around the peaceful, lullaby-like melodies, while the lyrics paint expertly vivid, fantastical countryside imagery; “memories of mowing lawns and pink masquerades/ruby red slippers and a song that’s the same”. A sense of nostalgic longing, a past regret or deep sadness, disrupts the pure sweetness of Adams’ lush voice, leaving the song honest and bittersweet.

Releasing on January 28th as the opening single to Eve Adams’ newest record Metal Bird, ‘Blues Look The Same’ serves as a perfect introduction to the dreamy melancholia and jazz-tinged folk of the album. “I think of this song as the prologue to many stories”, Adams explains. “It’s about the troubles that lurk behind the comfort of your plans and how tragedies show up in our lives. As the words suggest, I’d like to encourage a feeling of unity in life’s shadows, because we all find ourselves there at some point.”

This intimacy shines throughout, finding strength in softness and reflective vulnerability that encourages a peaceful soul-searching in the listener. Adams has dug from the personal to evoke this introspection, stating that for her, “Metal Bird is like a collection of seat pocket poems written on a long flight. It’s a memento of the three years I spent exploring the sky while wondering where to land.” Her gentle, unhurried approach has certainly paid off; ‘Blues Look The Same’ is a mesmerising, comforting taste of an intimate new record and a voice to watch.

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Leonie Bellini
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