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LA-native Morris Madrone Delivers Soulful Rock Ballads in New Single “Runaways” (OUT NOW!)

Inspired by the rockabilly sound and storytelling abilities of rock-and-roll hall of famers, Morris Madrone uses his lyrical prowess to tell a cautionary tale that’s as enticing as it is haunting in his new single, “Runaways”. Listen now.

“Runaways” transports listeners into a dark and danceable fairytale of lovers on the run. The song tells the story of a young man’s battle to leave a life of crime. It enters with our main character shot on the doorstep of his girlfriend’s family home, seeking refuge after confronting his boss (referred to as “the devil” throughout the song). He begs her to help him escape his life of crime, but, before they run away, he must confront this “devil” before the start anew.

The song draws production inspiration from “Blinding Lights” (The Weekend) and “White Wedding” (Billy Idol). The stylistic and vocal inspiration comes from Roy Orbison, Danzig, and Elvis Presley. Movies such as True Romance, Bonnie and Clyde, and Badlands inspired the songwriting process and lyrics.

Brittany Bowen (guest author)
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  • I actually checked this out like a day ago haha. Crazy to see you guys doing a write up on it. Anyway, love it.

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