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The Waking Point announces new single My Control featuring Dan Konopka (OK Go) on drums

Los Angeles, 5/7/21 – Doom rock band The Waking Point is excited to announce the release of their first single, My Control, off of their upcoming EP (Fall 2021).

An eccentric yet melodious interpretation of post-grunge is defined here through a catchy combination of a Deftones layered guitar sound and a Sonic Youth styled vocal production. Buzz Music describes their signature sound as “landing somewhere between being reminiscent of Steve Nicks and early Alice in Chains”.

Featured in places such as the Loudwire Weekly Wire and The Heidi and Frank Show on 95.5 KLOS, their new single includes a collaboration with Dan Konopka (OK Go) who drummed and mixed the eclectic tune. The song was mastered by Grammy winning engineer Margaret Luthar of Welcome to 1979.

My Control was written, recorded, and produced by lead singer Sadie Belica from her home studio in Los Angeles, with guitars and vocals performed by herself and Alex Springs, and bass tracked by Carl Jester Buena. Layered, breathy, and multi-toned vocal harmonies are set alongside heavy FX laden metal guitars and synths for a contemporary twist on dark, alternative, 90s reminiscent rock.

The dreamy vocal production is a slight departure from their previous releases which presented a more punk rock vibe. Inspiration for the lyrics draw from different experiences of rejection, lack of confidence from others, and being used for personal gain.

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Sadie Belica (Guest Author)
Sadie Belica is the lead singer, songwriter, and producer for the doom rock band The Waking Point. She is currently recording and producing their newest album (out Fall 2021) from her home studio in Los Angeles, where she teaches Earth Science.


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