4 Audiobooks Every Music Lover Should Listen To

4 Audiobooks Every Music Lover Should Listen ToImage by svetlanasokolova on Freepik

Listening to audiobooks can complement your love for music in several ways. It can broaden your artistic perspective, spark new creative connections, and allow you to dive deeper into the music world. It’s also a great way to get back into playing an instrument you love; as our “How to Relearn Guitar After Taking A Long Break” post highlights, you may have taken a break from guitar or any other instrument due to other endeavors. But an audiobook can inspire you to pick up your guitar again when listening to a touching memoir or finding an interesting lesson to listen to.

Whether you want to take a glimpse into the industry, learn music theory, or listen to the experiences of your favorite artists, audiobooks provide the versatility, flexibility, and convenience to do so. You can easily access them online and listen to them on your device of choice, anytime and anywhere. The collection of audiobooks on Everand offers thousands of audiobook titles from bestsellers to exclusive works. You can educate yourself with informative books like A Little History of Music by Robert Philip or get inspired by musicians’ memoirs like Face It by Blondie’s Debby Harry. If you have a library card, you can borrow free audiobooks from your local library using the Libby app. It combines the accessibility of libraries with the convenience and flexibility of the digital age.

With that in mind, here are some top audiobook titles any music lover can enjoy:

This Is What It Sounds Like: What the Music You Love Says About You by Susan Rogers and Ogi Ogas

Record producer turned brain scientist Susan Rogers offers a unique perspective on the science and psychology of music in. The audiobook delves into the science behind what draws different types of listeners to particular songs. It proposes that our musical preferences are shaped by seven key dimensions: authenticity, realism, novelty, melody, lyrics, rhythm, and timbre. Each dimension reflects different aspects of our personality and how we perceive the world. It also encourages readers to reflect on their musical preferences and how they align with these seven dimensions, facilitating self-discovery and understanding their musical tastes.

Music: Essential Tools to Boost your Music Business – Music Production, Music Theory and Songwriting by Woody Morgan 

This audiobook caters to aspiring musicians who want to enhance their music business or venture into the music industry. It offers tips on elevating your songwriting skills by delving into the fundamentals of melody, rhythm, and lyrics, guiding you through crafting compelling song structures. It also provides insights into setting up a home recording studio, choosing equipment, and using songwriting software. But beyond enhancing your writing and production, you can gain a foundational understanding of music theory; the book explores core concepts like major and minor scales, chords, and basic music terminology.

Just Kids by Patti Smith

Patti Smith’s memoir is an ode to love, the art culture of the ’60s and ’70s, Smith’s musical contemporaries, and the themes of youth and friendship. The book chronicles her relationship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, who is best known for capturing the iconic album cover of her debut album Horses. Mapplethorpe’s untimely death in 1989 due to complications from AIDS served as a catalyst for Smith to write the book. Smith’s captivating writing makes for a touching read, and the audiobook version, narrated by Smith herself, creates an even more personal and immersive experience.

Revolution in the Head: The Beatles Records and the Sixties by Ian MacDonald

This critically acclaimed audiobook takes a closer look into the music of The Beatles, analyzing their songwriting, production, and cultural impact. Revolution in the Head provides essays on every song recorded by the Fab Four, contributing to a greater enjoyment and appreciation of their music. This engaging read is considered by many to be the best book that offers a glimpse of The Beatles at work and the hits that made them one of the most beloved and recognizable bands in music history. 

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