The Art of Self-Expression: Piercings and Personal Branding Among Indie Artists

Exploring the relationship between rock music and it’s fashion

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Music is a way of life, and if you are part of any sub-genre that is influenced by sub-genres or rock, then this is more than true.

The experiences of a rock music fan are more than just wearing clothes and listening to music that goes against the grain of what society deems as the norm – it is a direct rejection of society’s expectations and an embracement of living authentically and true to themselves.

What is alternative music?

Alternative music includes multiple genres that fall under the rock category. It includes sub-genres like rock ‘n roll, metal, hard rock, punk rock, and indie rock to name a few. Over the years, this type of music has always stood on the side of criticizing social commentary and injustices experienced by the people of the world – on an individual basis and at large. It is a space where these feelings and thoughts can be expressed through music, sometimes aggressively, but it also provides a warm sense of community for people deemed social outcasts.

The relationship between alternative dressing and music

It is commonly seen that people who listen to alternative music dress in ways that are sometimes deemed taboo by society. If you look at punk music specifically, the entire sub-culture embraced a style that will have people turn their heads and stare in shock. Punk fans took what was deemed acceptable and flipped it on its head. Most fashion in rock subcultures rely on DIY abilities, thrifting, and shock factor. But it’s not always like it, sometimes it means putting a spin on a suit, or wearing regular jeans and a t-shirt – but it is always up to the individual and their comfort.

How do body modifications like piercings and tattoos play a role in this?

In Western cultures, piercings, tattoos, and any other type of body modification are looked down upon. Other spaces in the world fully embrace these modifications as part of their cultural practices, but not in the West. If you had piercings and tattoos you were immediately considered a delinquent or someone not to be associated with. These unjust prejudices further separated alternative cultures from society, as these types of modifications became an integral part of their style.

Music artists and their personal style

Most of the artists that make music for these various types of genres are more often than not part of the sub-cultures themselves. Inspiration from the community and the music inspired them to pursue and make music in the same genre. Popular rock musicians are often seen sporting multitudes of piercings, tattoos, and body modifications like stretched earlobes. Notable artists with facial piercings and body art include Travis Barker, Tommy Lee, Slash, Keith Flint, and David Draiman.

How to emulate the alternative rock style

People in these sub-cultures rarely look like a Pinterest mood board, but they can be a great start if you’re a beginner. You will be fine in a band T-shirt and jeans as much as you will be in multiple chains, leather, and fishnet stockings. It’s about finding something that speaks to you and what you feel comfortable in.

If you’re considering a piercing, there are many styles that you can choose from. It is a matter of healing and aftercare that you need to be wary of. Research the piercing that you want thoroughly before you make a decision. After it heals, you can change up the jewelry to a stud, loop, spiked curved barbell, or something more eclectic and to your taste.

The bottom line

Alternative music has always had a strong relationship with fashion. When we say fashion, we don’t mean what’s trendy and in at the moment, but rather a type of fashion that rejects societal norms by being true to oneself. This has been true since the birth of punk rock music in the 70s and has trickled down through time and generations to the sub-cultures we commonly know now.


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