Charlie O' Brien (guest author)

Charlie O' Brien (guest author)
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Charlie's music is inspired by place and history, it's both personal and social. Firing valiantly from the dark, lighting up forgotten stories, his songs are jugglings of music and soul. Two documentary films "A Captain Unafraid" and "Saol John Riley" both found their beginnings in Charlie's songs -"Pa' los Del San Patricio" appears on Charlie's debut album "Songs from an Outpost" (2007), "Marine Mambí, Johnny Dynamite" is on his latest musical endevour "Hy Brasil, Songs Of The Irish In Latin America" which was released on the 10th of December 2019.

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Hy Brasil, Songs of the Irish in Latin-America

These songs of the Irish in Latin America tell of bold and beautiful visions of the new world. Like the mythical island of Irish folklore, "Hy Brasil," the visions dissipate and the songs are what remain as an imprint or map of that lost Island.