Claudio Meluzzi – Return to Bliss

The waves gently massage your toes, as the cool summer breeze sweeps across the golden sands. Thoughts of what could have been, or what can be, ripple through your mind as the sun sets upon a glorious sea of gold and orange. A plane nonchalantly drifts through the clouds, destination unknown, yet full of hope, dreams & desires.

“I’d do most anything to get you off that plane and in my face – I’d do the simplest things to get you off that plane and in my face”
– Claudio Meluzzi

‘Return to Bliss’ is the chillingly beautiful trip hop single from Brazilian producer Claudio Meluzzi, featuring the spell binding vocal talents of Mercy Weiss. Her voice is indeed, shear bliss. Upon the first listen you’re instantly hit with a wow, is this Mazzy Stars Hope Sandoval?

“Music should always convey some kind of emotion and soulfulness” Quotes Meluzzi, a talented producer who has struck gold with this absolutely breath taking track. Mercy’s mesmerizing dreamy vocals flow effortlessly through intertwined melodies and violins, which create a subtle sense of tension.

Morcheeba, Groove Armada, Massive Attack, Lana Del Rey and of course, Mazzy Star, can all be heard here. Meluzzi really knows how to pick vocalists to collaborate with. Tough (feat. Luis Claudio Brasil), also features beautiful female vocals.

I remember hearing ‘Here’s where the Story Ends’ by The Sundays for the first time, it was one of those moments in my life where time stood still, for 3 mins & 52 seconds, nothing else mattered. ‘Return to Bliss’ was one of those moments, you will fall in love with this track, you will envisage sunshine, the sea and dreams. Thank you Claudio Meluzziand Mercy Weiss.

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