jACQ – This Is The Time

A dynamic and well-planned melody is one of the most important elements needed in order to write a great song. jACQ, a Dallas-based singer/songwriter flexes those melody-writing muscles in her single titled, “This is the Time”.

As far as her vocal performance goes, the melodic delivery is executed with attitude and sex appeal making jACQ the perfect vessel for this track. It’s obvious that jACQ was born to be a part of the music industry.

?We have covered the art of utilising “negative space” in music before and it’s worth going over again (especially in the context of this song). It’s easy for an artist to over-perform or sing over every inch of an instrumental but an experienced artist knows when to hold back before strategically laying it down again. “This is the Time” is a great example of how one should utilise that “negative space” in music.

The average listener rarely notices harmony but go ahead and do some peak listening at the bridge of the song. Each vocal layer has a synergistic reaction to the next. After coming out of the harmony-rich bridge, the chorus seems even more powerful then it did earlier on in the song. That contrast is essential to the construction of song formatting. She is not limited to just one genre of music.


jACQ’s music has been featured on MTV, Billboard’s Top 20, Spotify’s Top 50, Djmag, BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM (UK), and a plethora of North American radio stations. She has worked with Grammy nominated/award-winning producers/artists such as Bobby Z, Tony Williams, Frankie J, and Gene Evaro. She has released records with Sony, Ultra, and Armada Music. She has shared the stage with Shiny Toy Guns, Pretty Lights, Krewella, and Passion Pit.

jACQ is not limited to just one genre of music.  She really shows versatility.  In one way or another, we think it’s safe to say that taking the time to check out her music won’t be time wasted. On June 2nd jACQ released yet another single, called Back To Life, which is available on all major streaming platforms as well.

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