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The Amsterdam Brides – The Birth EP

It’s quite a journey from England to Buenos Aires, Argentina but The Amsterdam Brides master the purely British Britpop genre perfectly. They have been listening carefully to the genre’s instigators like Blur, The Strokes, The Stooges and Arctic Monkeys yet managed to keep their own identity with their latest release “The Birth EP”.

The Amsterdam Brides started their musical journey in 2012. “The Birth EP” is their first effort, bringing up an eloquent sound on a 6-track set which was released on June 1st.

The EP is surprisingly varied, ranging from kick-in-the-face Punk Rock tracks like “Mods and Rockers” to the more subtle “Keep Playing, which has been heavily influenced by Oasis.

Listening to “The Birth EP”, the last country you’d think of is Argentina. It’s catchy, edgy, well produced and has been on repeat here for a while now. Most certainly a band to keep an eye on in the future. Well done!

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