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Two Headed Boy – Neon Rope

Two Headed Boy (Henry Bond) is a multi-instrumentalist, writer, composer, and singer who produces intelligent original work, blending rock, pop, post-punk with fluidity and ingenuity.

The results are alluring, provocative and reminiscent; they are a passage to other worlds, and beyond worlds. Hypnotic bass lines and intriguing lyrics are only part of the musical journey laid out for us by this ‘Two Headed Boy’.

Listening to “Neon Rope”, Two Headed Boy’s latest EP, it takes you on a journey back in time. The music is reminiscent of both Silverchair and Nirvana. Henry’s strong and distinct vocals bear great resemblance to Silverchair’s Daniel Johnson, wich are especially edgy and raw on “Neon Rope”, the EP’s title track.

The saying goes that ‘Two heads are better than one’.
​- Henry Bond

On “Build A Better Fire”, “Like The River” and “Any Trace Of Doubt” Henry slows down and lets your imagination do the rest. These three tracks are inspiring acoustic tracks with creative, heart-warming lyrics.

Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 16 and bi-polar at the age of 21, Henry found music to be an essential outlet for his creativity and for managing his mental health. And although he is comfortable speaking to people about his condition, Henry enjoys the fact that he is not defined by his diagnosis, but rather what he has created in the studio.

The EP was written and recorded over the course of a weekend last April. Listen to the EP in its entirety on SoundcloudBandcamp or Spotify.

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