The Sinking Feeling – Standard

Second only to the universal excuse “It wasn’t me!”, questions are the most powerful component of human communication. “To be or not to be?”, “What is the point?”, “Why are we here?” Of course, there never are any (good) answers to these questions, but that doesn’t mean we should stop asking them.

Enter the band “The Sinking Feeling” and their song Standard. We often define ourselves as an individual by measuring our interactions with other people. Are we successful? A failure? Popular? How are we measuring up on (anti) social media?  We can feel warm when we conform, but the back dogs in the sled team don’t have much of a view. We can be a non-conformist and, thank you HD Manitoba, “be just like everybody else.”

Glasgow’s, “The Sinking Feeling”, enters the existential angst existence fray with “Standard,” the debut track off their new EP One. If you mixed in the best parts of the Pistols’ EMI, with some Tragically Hip, REM and Jam on the side, you’d come up with this “Standard.” Kenni Campbell – Guitar/Vocals, Alastair Fletcher – Bass/Vocals, and Joey Currie – Drums/Vocals, have mixed power and pull into one concise, tight statement about the universal question – Who am I, what am I worth and where am I going?
Where some philosophers have taken lifetimes, “The Sinking Feeling” completes the task in a 3-minute powerhouse of driving guitars and thundering drums, delivering hook, riff and sinker. Relationships, struggles, meaning in life, direction – sometimes there are no answers, but the expression of the question is what is important.
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