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BetaPSI – Radio Goodbye

The moonlight caresses the sweeping branches, as the wind blows a whisper through the forest. The crisp leaves dancing through the midnight air, like tormented souls trying to escape the shadows

“Picking up voices
From further away
Echoes in the darkness
Where I’m forced to stay”

This is radio goodbye. The chillingly brilliant single from Italian artist and songwriter The BetaPSI Project. With a haunting baseline, brooding vocals and atmospheric soundscapes.

β, as she is also known, has been inspired all her life, with lyrics and songs pushing to get out. It wasn’t until March 2016 when she picked up her guitar, bass, & micro synth that her true art form was born, she calls it her half neuron.

In the true sense of DIY, she plays, sorry, tortures all her own instruments, edits and films her own videos too. There’s definitely a link to artists such as Fever Ray, Bjork, The Coquea Twins & Ladytron.

With a bubble gum pop world filled with Xfactor puppets, it’s refreshing to hear something so fresh and unashamedly unique. 2018 promises to be a huge year for The BetaPSI Project, so watch this space for future collaborations.
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Darren is the creative force behind South Londons trip-hop / electro-punk trio LegPuppy. Critics have been dishing out the praise from all angles. If you see them live, you will definitely remember their show.

He has always been involved in music in one way or another, designing CD sleeves, posters & flyers before DJing and now fronting a band.

Discovering new bands has always been his passion. His reviews are written in the form of visual poetry, creating a picture and capturing a moment.

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