Ceiling Demons – Nil

The fire flickers, illuminating the faceless figures, a serpent dances to the sound of the flames, gently swaying from side to side. Protecting, watching, ready to serve.A silky white rose is passed from hand to hand, ghosts from a distant past, darkness falling & distant sunsets.

Comfort me with your rose
My body lies
where flowers grow
so in the end
when we lose all hope
and drown in drink
and burning smoke

‘Nil’, is the brilliant new album by Yorkshire based rappers Ceiling Demons. A unique record, not only in sound but in lyrical content. Upon its first hearing, you’re instantly taken to an unknown world of angels, demons, serpents, cults and mysticism. You don’t just hear this album, you feel it.

Beautifully produced with such depth & layers of sound. This is pure escapism.

It’s not an easy listen by any means, but that works in the band’s favour. Ceiling Demons have created a totally unique sound, which is borderline masterpiece

The songs, ‘The Rose’ in particular, lean towards Joy Division & Johnny Cash. Deeply moving & powerful, like an early Terrance Malick movie, will stay with you long after.

Closeness is another stand out track, with its beautiful piano, female vocal sample & hip hop beats, a sense of loss is at work here.

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Darren Laurence
the authorDarren Laurence
Darren is the creative force behind South Londons trip-hop / electro-punk trio LegPuppy. Critics have been dishing out the praise from all angles. If you see them live, you will definitely remember their show. He has always been involved in music in one way or another, designing CD sleeves, posters & flyers before DJing and now fronting a band. Discovering new bands has always been his passion. His reviews are written in the form of visual poetry, creating a picture and capturing a moment.

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