Watch out Montgomery, the South has a new diva in town and she goes by the name of Lady K

The New Diva Of Alabama

Lady K

Watch out Montgomery the South has a new diva in town and she goes by the name of Lady K. The vocals on this chick is unheard of and simply blew me away. I am always down for a few good artists who truly hone their true singing abilities. No one sings anymore from the stomach but Lady K has it all. Singer. Rapper. Beautiful and an African American woman.

Her sensual hard-core writing at just 22 will simply knock your socks off. Put her on your Spotify or iTunes list because you will not want to miss out.   Her lyrics are about real-life experiences. She has that feel good type of music that will have people talking for as long as the music is alive.

Her first album “Letter From Lady k”, released in 2015, gives you an idea of her artistry. Her latest album “Unfinished Love Story”, released in 2018, will show you her growth as an artist throughout her journey of joining the professional entertainment industry.

Her latest track “Save Me Freestyle” speaks the truth, hurt, and triumph. A mix of R&B and Rap, Her vocals in this single are rich and strong. Her music is the perfect example of taking a bad situation and turning it into good. Off her latest album, Use To is definitely a song that will be on replay. Lady K, A true angel.

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