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Leonell Cassio – Rocks N Mud (Feat. Krista Marina)

“Rocks N Mud” is one of a plethora of tracks from 19 year old Swedish producer Leonell Cassio’s latest album, “Vulnerable”. This offering sees him team up with Stateside vocalist Krista Marina, the two combining emotional electronic soundscapes with haunting, ethereal vocals. The title is deceptive, as one would expect something a little harsher from the imagery it suggests.

 The track starts with a sparse opening, evocative of water droplets, setting a melancholy yet beautiful tone. Marina’s vocal builds on this further, with a slightly folk feel to her delivery, reminiscent of Kiesza’s ‘Hideaway’. The trip hop style beats kick in, adding to the chilled vibe, which kicks along nicely. The build up to the chorus works well, and when it reaches the climax, it does not disappoint. Reverse sample chords are a nice touch. If Calvin Harris made an ambient chill out track, I imagine it might sound something along the lines of this.
The track continues with dips into minimalist moments, only to come soaring upwards with more of those lush reverse chords. As a listener, you’re taken through a rolling and sweeping terrain that keeps you nodding along, eyes closed, immersed in the cool softness of sounds.
This is a track I would definitely have on my stereo if I’d just come home from work, and wanted something soothing on, to help melt away the day. A gorgeous backdrop that will just send you into a land of bliss. If you’re looking for the perfect electronic chill vibe, you can’t go far wrong with this.
“Rocks N Mud” by Leonell Cassio is out now.
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