The Details – Stop and Dedicate Some Time to the Sun

On a Saturday evening in September my friend stated, “Today was the last day of summer.” Her bright blue eyes were caught in the quick fading light of that perfect day. The magic of dusk tangled itself in her wild river of red hair and the immutable beauty of that moment burned with the heat of every preceding long Summer day. Her poignant words echoed against the millions of immerging stars that lighted the long season’s final night.

The following day the temperature dropped 20 degrees and the darkness of the thick grey sky obscured the familiar sun we had taken for granted. It’s a particular darkness. Gloomy. Moody. Unique to the depressive Pacific Northwest. Then the rain began. I’m currently writing this in a warm café sheltered from the torrential downpour flooding the street outside. The gutters are clogged with decaying leaves as they rush to pile on top of each other in their final descent from this world.
Matei Tibacu-Blendea in his newest incarnation as The Details has offered to help us through the receding light of Autumn. A little internet digging on Matei provided a wealth of information from his early teenage metal years in Arizona as CyborG to having his own radio show called “My Stable Delirium” based in his home country of Romania. His YouTube channel even has an entertaining video CV from 4 years ago that lists his abundant musical accomplishments.
The Details’ new song “Stop And Dedicate Some Time To The Sun” is an abrupt departure from his previous brilliantly complicated metal onslaughts. In synesthesia terms this song is the color of the ocean’s horizon at dawn. A broad swath of Rothko orange perfectly complimenting the water’s deep morning blue. Surf guitar reverb and tremolo ring in my ears as Georgina Shaw’s bright melodic vocals instruct me on the reverence of life. Her purpose is to remind me of the sun’s metaphorical value. Our innate need for the balance of light.
The addition of Gareth Bodman on trumpets adds dimension to this track reminding me of when The Ventures discovered the power of a horn section in the late 60’s on songs like the theme to Hawaii 5-0. Matei plays everything else proving his amazing versatility as a musician. He successfully blends a spectrum of sounds to create an aural landscape as warm as the celestial body that inspired it.
The Details know these are the days we must find the sun within ourselves to survive.
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