Argonaut And Wasp meander through all that was sonically cool about earlier decades!

Argonaut & Wasp released their single “Heart Breaks In Bloom” on Jango records, September 22, 2017.  Danceable and radio-friendly, the single meanders through all that was sonically cool about earlier decades, and dispenses it effectively to its listener.

The track is expertly crafted and never overloaded, it’s memorable and thought-provoking. It’s everything that is wrong with pop music, done correctly. It’s all here: lyrics are well-written and poignant, instrumentation is creative – right down to the Thompson Twins bass tone, Echo and the Bunnymen-flavored guitar solo, moody piano, and falsetto male vocal.

Heart Breaks In Bloom takes its time inserting itself into your good graces, it’s never rushed and its minimalist quality allows the listener to enjoy what’s going on around them without sensory overload. My errand-running playlist thanks you.

On October 27th, Argonaut & Wasp released two more singles, “Prove It To You” and “Body Sensations”. Prove It is a sleek little upbeat track with tastes of early synth pop and arpeggiated video game flavours that will not drive any fans of Argonaut & Wasp away. Body Sensations is a notable track too, with its lush synth pads and spirited bass line, it’s a recipe for good times and dancin’ shoes. This is perfect get-together music!

For fans of Maroon 5, INXS, Pharrell, Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, Duran Duran.
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