DRMCTHR – Apartment

With the release of DRMCTHR’s (originally Dreamcatcher) new single, they give us a gripping insight to the style of their new 11-track album, Hold Your Love. Apartment shows a rock approach to an indie-pop sound, something they continue throughout the album.

The alternative pop band of four members utilise well-blended instrumentals to create a strong melody and dreamy vibe. The heavy bass and consistent beat carries the song and starts to build the spellbinding atmosphere. The lyrics of this track focus on the fears and anxieties of being in a relationship; the feeling of being self-conscious and weary of the outcome. The vocals hold emotion and also connect well with the instrumentals, further adding to such a brooding vibe.

The most notable part of this track is by far the atmosphere that is created. The group use indie-rock influences along with their alternative pop style to show the weight of such feelings described in the lyrics. I enjoy how the natural echo and vibration of the instruments are kept which compliment the harsh electronic strums of the bass. The combination gives a satisfying continuation of the atmosphere and also works successfully to bring the best out of the vocals.
From such a victorious and influential start, the rest of the album has so much more to discover. Listen to the album in its entirety on Spotify below.


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