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P Blasio – No Rules

Intense, flickering strobes, collide head-on with the shadow, cutting through the air, as it circles its prey,  fiercely illuminating its surroundings, dripping from the ceiling, like melting daggers. A pristine presence, piercing eyes, dressed in black, immaculate figure, waiting for its moment to tear you apart, to steal your soul, unfold its wings and disappear into the night. 

‘No Rules’ is the brilliant album from Hungarian Trance producer P Blasio

The production is excellent, in the same vein as Mark Knight. Anabolic is an absolute anthem, with a nostalgic feel of Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar.

This is beautifully dark, emotional instrumental music with soul and layers and layers of textured synths, soaring melodies and big baselines. It’s totally impossible to listen without wishing you were at a rave, with strobes, smoke and 1000’s of people with their hands in the air. It’s the dance of the devil. Close your eyes, as you’ve just had an out of body experience.

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Darren is the creative force behind South Londons trip-hop / electro-punk trio LegPuppy. Critics have been dishing out the praise from all angles. If you see them live, you will definitely remember their show.

He has always been involved in music in one way or another, designing CD sleeves, posters & flyers before DJing and now fronting a band.

Discovering new bands has always been his passion. His reviews are written in the form of visual poetry, creating a picture and capturing a moment.

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