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Sean Christopher – Carry On

Sean Christopher brings us a soothing yet emotionally fuelled track ‘Carry On’, a follow-up to his previous single ‘Paper Plane Pilot’, with lyrics focusing on the struggles of life.

The introduction of the acoustic track sets the journey of the song with the consistent plucking of the guitar. The four-chord melody continues throughout the song and gives it a dreamy, gentle yet authentic tone. The song builds gradually later on, adding heavier drum beats and layers of guitars. Although the track starts in a folk-soul style, it continues to later be influenced by rock motifs. This definitely keeps it interesting and engaging by changing up the sound and boosting the tempo yet still keeping the original acoustic chords.
The mixture of genres in this track help to create a strong atmosphere of serenity in a state of stress or confusion. With the soulful voice of Sean, his lyrics speak about being such in his mind and the issues people face yet how we all ‘carry on’. ‘I just can’t hide away from the beast in my head’, he sings. The soft plucking of the guitar mixed with the intensity of the drums shows the conflicting lyrics of the song and the struggles we continue to overcome.

Chloe is a media, creative writing and journalism student in England who loves to explore new music and share her opinions. With a creative interest, she aims to follow a career in media and discover new arts of all kinds. She enjoys listening to Pop, Rock, Electro and even foreign music such as Korean and Portuguese. Through For the Love of Bands, she gets to discover new genres and songs, giving her a wide range of inspiration.

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