Best of Indie Folk December 2023 | Top Singer-Songwriter Cosy Winter Music Vibes | 50 Min Playlist

Best of Indie Folk December 2023

Oh my, has creating the Best of Indie Folk December 2023 playlist been a heartwarming experience. Gathering a wonderful bouquet of acoustic melodies for all of you to enjoy. Each track in this 50-minute compilation is a piece of our musical mosaic, chosen for its unique voice and emotional resonance.

No need for more words. Just check the playlist on YouTube via the link below 🙂

The Artists and Their Songs

  1. JPson – ‘My Bones’
  2. Luna Keller – ‘Invisible Wars’
  3. The Light The Heat – ‘Sky Falls Down’
  4. Sean Tobin – ‘Hail the Carpenter’
  5. Simon Alexander – ‘Willow’
  6. Michael Benjamin – ‘I Want to Know You’
  7. August Green – ‘Brick by Brick’
  8. South for Winter – ‘Wintersleep (Southern Lights)’
  9. Morning Bear x ELLSWORTH – ‘Learning How’
  10. Meir Levine – ‘All Your Worries’
  11. Adam Harpaz – ‘Panic Attack!’
  12. Daniel Trakell – ‘Still’
  13. STEVIE NEL – ‘no control’

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Creating ‘Best of Indie Folk December 2023’ was a journey of musical discovery and passion. To discover more compilations and dive deeper into the indie folk world, stay tuned and check our YouTube channel: For the Love of Bands.

Roel Wensink
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Roel started ForTheLoveOfBands to provide bands and artists with a platform to get their music heard and provide tips gathered along the way. Being a musician himself, he knows how hard it is and how much time it takes to promote your newly recorded gems.


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