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Capitano – Good Times (for Bad Habits)

This indie-rock track by Capitano is instantly enthralling with its adrenaline-filled sound. With the quirky melodies of Panic! at the Disco and the hauntingly rock/electronic mix of Muse, this single holds its own originality and power.

Funky and energetic are the best ways to describe this track – the use of electric guitars form a chorus motif that will be trapped in your head. Melancholic tones and the use of voice effects in the building bridge mark a defining moment in the song and show the brilliance of Capitano. It’s certainly a song that will shake your speakers.

To match the vibrant track, the accompanying music video is a colourful work of wacky, slightly bizarre art. If you thought the single had boldness and imagination, just wait until you’ve seen the music video that reveals a representation of the lyrics.

With ‘Good Times’ being their first official single release, their debut EP Hi! is set to be available on 02/02/2018, and is sure to keep you entertained.

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Chloe is a media, creative writing and journalism student in England who loves to explore new music and share her opinions. With a creative interest, she aims to follow a career in media and discover new arts of all kinds. She enjoys listening to Pop, Rock, Electro and even foreign music such as Korean and Portuguese. Through For the Love of Bands, she gets to discover new genres and songs, giving her a wide range of inspiration.

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