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Bad Llama – Crooked Empire

Alt-Rockers, Bad Llama have released a new single, Crooked Empire, title track from their new EP and video to accompany. The quintet based out of Burton Upon Trent makes poignant, poetic rock that sits atop lush detuned guitars and festival-esque, plodding rhythms.

The band delivers heartfelt, believable lyrics such as “words smooth as silk now bleeds out clearing your mind of my doubt” throughout Crooked Empire. The single deals with deception and vulnerability and how it can stem from peoples’ negative influence on others. Bad Llama paints hues of Tool and RATM into their diverse sound.

Sonically speaking you can hear each member and their musical backgrounds/contributions to the band’s overall atmospheric vibe. Rock, this does, permeate, this will, disappoint, it will not. Crooked Empire is expertly produced and crafted, a welcome addition to any playlist.


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Chris Ambrosino hails from the Catskill region of New York and has been a performer and songwriter since 1987. He also has worked as an art director and graphic artist for several organizations. Chris currently plays and writes for indie band, Blue Ribbon and is a contributing writer for the Alt. Daily blog and For The Love Of Bands website. He has resided in Hampton Roads, VA since 1994.

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