X Seed 2020 – Mi Sangre

This song opens with a hauntingly reverberating melody played in a twitchy, glitchy, itchy manner, stuttering over the notes almost randomly, like bells tripping over their own feet. The camera pans out as the singer sneaks in the door draped in shadow. There is a considerable amount of autotune used on the voice, but it is used to great artistic effect, creating a stuttering and crackle that makes it sound electric. It creates a character I can almost see come to life, flickering across a black and white tv screen glowing in a darkened room.

The title of this EP is “Mi Sangre, Su Sangre” or “My Blood, His Blood”, and the title track “Mi Sangre” has a subdued, atmospheric vibe that is dark and flowing, like blood running into the gutters next to filthy stained sidewalks. There is a hip-hop style delivery in the rhythm and layering of the vocals that is oblique but not overly contrasting. They are delivered in an understated cadence that dances around the rhythmic pulsing of the music nicely. I am transported to a film noir rendering of an urban scene in dark, violent decline. The players in this film are characters dressed in high fashion who file cynically past a badly beaten body strewn in the street, bleeding to death.

Most of them pass without any regard to the tragic spectacle laid out before them, hurrying to their pallid grey cubes, where they perform their meaningless day jobs in comfortable isolation. Safe in their ability to ignore what is not happening directly to them. In the dying man’s eye, one passerby catches a glint of light like a constellation reflected by the watery lens and stops to offer comfort to the dying man. As the dying man rolls over, the passerby sees their own face in place of the victim’s own. The song closes with a bit of spoken word in Spanish, which gives this an affected sacred feel, as though they are the final words pronounced over the dead body as it is laid to rest.

In all, I can say the artist known as X Seed 2020 is making some unique sounding music, and it’s interesting enough to be worth repeated listens.

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PS Perkins
the authorPS Perkins
PS Perkins hails from Boise, Idaho in the United States and is a long time veteran of the underground music scene there. A multi-instrumentalist, aspiring fiction writer, prolific songwriter, and all around psychedelic warrior, Perkins has spent many years as both a street busker as well as playing bands such as Caustic Resin, Godzoundz, and The Universal.

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