Ray Liön – Change

Liön merges rock well throughout the album to bring us deep intensity and passion without it becoming overpowering or intimidating.

Musician Ray Liön released his new album Change in August, giving us the full range of his talent. The album brings rock together with pop influences and shows his Mexican culture by switching between English and Spanish.

The first track Change is packed full of 1960s rock influences by its guitar riffs and harmonies. While starting off slowly with a lone piano and his voice, it quickly explodes into a catchy, beat-driven start to the album. Carrying on the upbeat vibe, the lyrics aren’t to go unnoticed. This song discusses a man who keeps trying no matter how hard it gets and will always pick himself back up after taking a knock.

This album also features an instrumental track named after Liön himself, scaling through a range of genres. The repetitive beginning has a calm and relaxed tone with constant high-pitched electro instrumentals – almost like a video game theme tune. However, this quickly changes at the half point to become rock heavy. Deep guitars and loud drums turn the song into something more powerful. Both of these sections merge towards the end with lots of complimentary layering and exciting instrumentals.

Taking a turn from the rest of the album, Pianomanic starts with a gentle piano solo, inviting his voice to follow. Rather than the cheerful tracks before, this one is definitely darker and slower. Of course, Liön brings his rock style back and lets the rapid beat contrast to his unhurried vocals.

It’s a must to mention the range in the album by talking about his Spanish tracks. Navegando is a relaxed tune with a simple beat and piano – very different to the rest of the high-energy tracks. He uses harmonies to carry the tune while adding to the airy and light tone. Its a great breather from the other hard-hitting songs and certainly holds a lot of emotion.

All 13 tracks have their own unique points while blending together, using similar instrumentals and harmonies. Liön merges rock well throughout the album to bring us deep intensity and passion without it becoming overpowering or intimidating. High strength and slow moments are scattered in every part of this album making it easy and gripping to listen to.

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