Rock ‘n Roll Powerhouse Trio No Small Children Release Music Video ‘Radio’

It really is one to blast in the car with the windows down to get you pumped.

Do shredding guitars and punchy beats sound familiar? Radio by No Small Children starts us off with a retro feel to Pop-Rock with a fun, quick rhythm that will get stuck in your head and bring you back to a carefree, energetic time, no matter your age. It really is one to blast in the car with the windows down to get you pumped.

About No Small Children:

Elementary school teachers by day and rockers by night, pop-rock trio No Small Children formed on the playground while doing recess duty. Their music is a favorite of KROQ radio DJ Kat Corbett and has also been licensed to the all-female reboot of Ghostbusters, Netflix’s San ta Clarita Diet and Hot Topic stores across the US. They have garnered the attention from the Los Angeles Times, NPR, TMZ, New Noise Magazine, Guitar Girl Magazine and many more.

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