Blind Rhythm – Something In The Air

This track has Southern Rock influences, especially at the beginning, that gives them an edge from many other rock bands.

Blind Rhythm are a young rock band from the UK, Newbury who released their catchy debut single Something In The Air in 2017, being the start of much more great music to come. The video was released earlier today, on October 12th. The four-member band use a mixture of classic and modern rock while including pop elements to create their own sound. Their debut EP ‘Be Yourself’ was released on July 23, 2018.

Something In The Air is consistently heavy with guitars and a steady beat through the chorus while dropping out during points of the verse, giving the song a bit of range and a change of tempo. This track has Southern Rock influences, especially at the beginning, that gives them an edge from many other rock bands.

The song itself is very well produced, and the talent of the group is undeniable. Female vocals contrast greatly with the grittiness of the guitars while carrying the melody. The guitarists of the group play with a sense of experience, which brings the song to a higher quality.

Lyrically, this song isn’t packed or has much deep feeling, but the repetition does work in making the song catchy and easy to get stuck in your head. In the future, I’d like to see the group bring a wider change throughout their tracks by playing with the tempo more, changing up the progressions or using a larger variety of riffs, yet there’s no doubt the band will bring out tremendous songs in the future that are full of talent.

This group are definitely ones to keep an eye on to see where they take their sound and the range of influences we will experience from them.

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