Adam Chaffins – Further Away | All is not lost, resilience and love will win in the end

Adam Chaffins’ mark on the Americana music industry is one of broad strokes and horizons and a trail behind it reminiscent of the hallowed, Route 23. A gifted songwriter, bassist and singer, Chaffins has garnered attention from NPR, Rolling Stone, Billboard and CMT along his journey. Hailing from Kentucky, Adam has been penning and releasing music along the country music fault line, one which he tiptoes back and forth between genres such as R&B and Indie.

After years of projects with bluegrass bands, cover songs, music school, session work, Chaffins released his debut solo album, Some Things Won’t Last in February of 2020. Facing the headwinds of these tumultuous times, Chaffin presses onward. A time when musicians, performers and artists are met with incredible challenges regarding how to continue or even present their art to audiences, where there are no audiences, Chaffins takes the last cut on his debut album and released it as a single with accompanying music video on August 28th.

Though when written, Chaffins may not have known the impact a song like this could have had on the world, he may have had a premonition. Further Away casts a wide net; it’s applicable to many different listeners’ milieu. After all, that’s what great music and songwriting does, it finds itself a home, a space on the shelf of its audience’s pantry.

Further Away at first glance/listen is a somber song, almost lamenting in nature. The video successfully depicts mask-wearing families, frontline healthcare workers and social protesting, as accurately as the world that surrounds this video is indicative of. Chaffins’ song is now a beacon for a tough year among the world’s population, America at the center of much of this strife. Further Away was right on time, it was not written or released with this service in mind, just right on time, and that’s what makes Chaffins’ endeavor genuine.

Further Away is a recording that resonates in its low end. We feel it in our heart, even our feet when it comes alive. The track is warm and comforting thanks to a terrific upright part by the virtuoso bassist, Chaffins. Brit Taylor joins the re-recording of the song used for video production and with her alto and soulful voice, adds backing vocals that almost nudge the single away from the country realm. The addition is welcome, it’s not a coal miner’s daughter flavor, rather Joss Stone or Sheryl Crow type buzz, it’s a genius addition to the track. Other instrumentation on Further Away is of note too. Tasteful banjo, piano and resonator guitar tones peek through the mix at all the right times, performed by all the right people.

Adam Chaffins
Adam Chaffins

Further Away is a sad track at its core, maybe reflective is a better word, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Further Away has an element of hope concealed in its chords and lyrics. All is not lost, resilience and love will win in the end. Thank you, Adam Chaffins for recognizing the world needed your song and fulfilling it.

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