Kennedy – Jimmy Jett EP

Kennedy - Jimmy Jett

Listening and discovering new artists is one of the great parts of this gig. You’re exposed to music inside and outside of your comfort zone, treated to flavors and delectable morsels from artists of today and bygone eras. You pay your tab, leave a tip and hope you remember the name of the restaurant so you can tell your friends 30 minutes later; music is that flooded with new material to digest. That’s why when you come across someone like L.A.’s, Kennedy, investigation is required before delving in, his body of work needs to be reviewed before stiff-arming the front door into his new single expected out early December 2018.

He’s experienced career-successes in various forms such as a decent-sized listener base, a gold record, tip top commercial placement and a Warner Bros. distro deal tucked in there as well – not bad for a life’s work.

Kennedy’s gift of lyrical wit and satire mixed with danceable, indie pop grooves are the perfect precursor for his new single, Jimmy Jett, an introspective into the persona of this egocentric, self-absorbed, rock n’ roller (Jimmy Jett, not Kennedy). You develop an artist’s rendering of Jimmy Jett after hearing the new single only once, it’s that quick. We all know this guy and Kennedy reminds us just why.

Musically, the new single from the upcoming EP of the same name is a feel-good anthem that welcomes listeners from all corners of the high school dance. Jimmy Jett’s hook is infectious and also boasts some great rhythm guitar tones and vocal reverb play. I hope to include this track in my playlist called, well, I haven’t created it yet, but when I do, it’s gonna be bitchin’!

Jimmy Jett is a playlist starter. It’s the bouillon of the broth. Other additions will come in the form of, The Soup Dragons, Happy Mondays, Spacehog and Duran’s cover of White Lines. Get higher baby!

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