Citizen Disguise – ‘Ash and Rain’

'Ash and Rain' is a 'trippy' track perfect for letting your over-active thoughts go.

Citizens Disguise - Ash and Rain

Coming from Citizen Disguise’s debut EP ‘Plume’, ‘Ash and Rain’ is filled with a deep and rich synth sound. This, partnered with the shredding of electric guitar and crash of symbols, creates a track that is truly multi-dimensional.

By listening to this track, you slowly become immersed in the complex layering of sounds and ‘trippy’ distortion. These complex layers really emphasise the echoes of the electric guitar and harsh attack of drums throughout the track. Alongside the distinct synth effect, the drums become the perfect contrasting yet complimentary aspect the track needs. This element really helps build the track to a crescendo, where all of the layers come together in perfect harmony.

‘Ash and Rain’ is definitely a stand-alone instrumental track due to its utter complexity and array of rich sounds and effects. To try and pair lyrics with a track like this would be impossible, as the raw effect of the instruments convey to the listener exactly what the track is all about. It’s definitely a track that would set the scene and atmosphere for a major acid trip during an indie short film or dark television series. The hallucinogenic synth and layering can be experienced in its truly rawest form, through a pair of headphones, during the silence and stillness of midnight.

Overall, ‘Ash and Rain’ is a ‘trippy’ track perfect for letting your over-active thoughts go.

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