Jay Miners – Favorite dress

A nostalgic antidote to modern-day insecurities

Jay Miners - Favorite dress

American singer-songwriter Jay Miners has evoked self-love and positivity within her newest single ’Favorite Dress’. The song is a love letter to her younger self, providing wisdom, kindness and encouragement through beautifully uplifting lyrics and soft, endearing vocals.

Jay Miners - Favorite dress

Her all-American sweet voice is gentle and comforting, making the song a nostalgic antidote to modern-day insecurities. Accompanied by trance-inducing guitar and warm cello beginning in the second verse; this music creates a rush of calm and relaxation, allowing her empowering message to dance from one ear to the other with ease.

The accompanying video reflects exactly the topic of the song; showing beautiful women of all shapes and colours smiling and laughing, holding up the lyrics with pride. To listen to the song is to experience only half of what ‘Favourite Dress’ has to offer. By providing such a simple, yet heart-warming lyric video, Miners has demonstrated through incredibly personal audio and visual, that this song truly does make you feel proud to be who you are.

‘Favorite Dress’ is the first single from Jay Miners’ upcoming second EP entitled ‘THE ART WE MAKE’, which will be released February 15th 2019.

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Jay Miners - Favorite dress

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  • Fathers and Mothers – play this for your Daughters..! Thanks for finding, Amy – and Thanks for sharing, Jay!!

  • I really enjoyed the lyrical analysis in this review. It helps tie in the whole picture of the artist’s vision. Lyrics are often overlooked, but this review does an excellent job incorporating what is, in my opinion, an underrated and undercooked at part of music.

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