Luego – Desert Rose

All comparisons aside, Desert Rose is ear candy for its listeners.

Luego - Desert Rose

Behold, summer is upon us. It has come via Luego’s new single, Desert Rose. The North Carolina-based band of friends released their newest single on January 10 amid the doldrums of winter.

At its heart, Desert Rose is a post-apocalyptic relationship song, celebrating a change in one’s status and freeing oneself from a toxic, codependent lifestyle. Desert Rose does just that, and it presents itself with a summertime, island-paradise, luau-style buzz. Syncopated rhythms and arpeggiated acoustic guitar lines help transport the listener to warmer weather, sunsets and getaway beaches.

Musically speaking, Desert Rose properly borrows from the 70s greats. There’s hints of those pesky 4 guys from Liverpool, early Fleetwood Mac elements and even ABBA (there I said it, but the good ABBA, the Sitting In The Palmtree type stuff!) I fell immediately in love with the Harrison/Buckingham guitar solo on this track; the tone, note choice, placement in the mix, it’s all there.

All comparisons aside, Desert Rose is ear candy for its listeners. The harmonies are expertly chosen and performed, there’s great percussive elements tucked in the track, piano is dry and punchy and not overstated, it’s a win-win for all involved. Early entry for summer 2019 soundtracks!

Luego - Desert Rose

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