Premiere: Grover Anderson – Standing Water

An ode to the desire of self-discovery

Grover Anderson - Standing WaterGrover Anderson - Standing Water

Country solo artist, Grover Anderson, tells the tale of love, loss and heartbreak with his poetic new single ‘Standing Water’.

Grover Anderson

The song itself ebbs and flows from an upbeat verse, to a stripped back chorus with not one, but two guitar solos to be enjoyed. He leads you through the journey of his own conscience, comparing his inner most feelings to that of large powerful entities. The placement of the first guitar solo is surprising, yet perfectly fits around the lyrics like a breath in a spoken poem. The melody is beautifully developed, beginning simple and familiar then unwinding like thread leading you back to those refined vocals.

Amongst a sea of guitar melodies and crashing cymbals, his vocals, adorned with growls, have a richness to them that can only be formed from raw emotion. The subtle backing vocals compliment the personal, metaphorical themes within the words, highlighting particularly key phrases. Decorated by guitar, his voice depicts this ‘lonesome melody’, an ode to the desire of self-discovery. Although this track may seem simple on the surface, Anderson has revealed his own inner turmoil throughout, and by using a wonderfully catchy melody, has turned his struggles into uplifting art.

Grover Anderson

Grover Anderson is truly writing from his stomach in ‘Standing Water’, and this song has been released on January 25th.

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