Born Again Virgin – Nothing In Your Eyes [premiere]

An anthem for not giving a f*ck

Born Again Virgin

Boiling over with pessimistic certainty, Born Again Virgin’s latest release ‘Nothing in your eyes’ emulates that of 90s female grunge. It’s power stance between punk, rock and indie awakens one’s inner rebellious teen and is an anthem for not giving a f*ck.

The vocal performance from Debbie Harry and Joan Jett’s Texan love child, Anna Roenigk, is an assertive, husky command laced with sporadic shouts and growls. She conjures an atmosphere of doubtless resentment, unafraid to yell her infuriated mind. The song is blessed with well-executed production that allows every part to be heard with clarity, leaving no concern for lack of quality. Between punchy drums and distorted guitar, the ambiguity of the melody sustains that of a frustrated, yet melancholic individual, who is almost over the edge.

‘Nothing In Your Eyes’ blurs the lines between Nirvana’s grunge movement and Greenday’s punk reign. With more self-confidence than Avril Lavigne had in her little finger; Born Again Virgin is revealing to the world what it really means to be a bitch in rock.

Born Again Virgin

Born Again Virgin’s sixth original track, ‘Nothing in Your Eyes’ is out February 1st. So go and follow her socials right now.


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